Together Alone

Capo 2nd Fret

We'll grow old we'll take care of each other
A...........A(Aflat bass)
I'll be sister mother and lover
We'll be friends during changes of weather
Let's be together on our own let's be together alone
We're believers we've been hurt by believing
A..........A(Aflat bass)
Needing people we know looking's not seeing
I see needs that might be answered by forever together
On our own let's be together all alone
This middle part is on one version
I keep on asking is it want or is it need
That keeps me needing you forever
If we could make it so it wasn't push and lean
We would never be alone

Verse 3 ... same chords as 1 and 2
We'll learn living like the words of a good song
We'll learn timing balance and rhythm
We'll make it music
I'm tired of singing on my own
Let's be together all alone
Let's be together  let's be together let's be together alone
the chords for these lines are as before     B      D    A
I have tried here to do the Tab for the start of this song. I hope it makes sense.